The Airship Renewal


This airship is crafted from Khalni Heartwood, soarstone, and a strange metal alloy. The hull looks much like that of a sailing ship and is obviously of Merfolk design. It has been reinforced rune inscribed soarstone, the mark of Kor design. The rigging and sails are of Human make, though elements of Elvish design can also be seen. It has elegant lines and is obviously a masterpiece of design.

The 150-foot ship can carry a crew of approximately 30, with room for an additional 30 passengers, but it can be crewed by as few as five. The stateroom and officer’s quarters are conjoined around the mast room on the main deck level, near the stern. Two decks in the forecastle can be used for additional crew or storage, as needed. The cargo hold has additional hooks for hammocks.

Manipulation of the sails is the primary means of steering at low velocities. At higher speeds the sails convert to airfoils, warping to allow steering. The power plant, the core of which is a massive crystal that transforms mana into fuel, creates the levitation field and enables planar travel. Two rudders are fitted into the stern, allowing for additional steering.

This ship is capable of attaining speeds approaching 20 mph along a straight line. The ship;s engine can create a storm shield, which offers some protection form the elements while on deck.

The Airship Renewal

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